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Life Saving Tips – Your COVID-19 Shield
Presented by Dr. Mathi

All you want to know about Coronavirus: Symptoms, Protective measures, Vaccination and Mythbusters

Travelling is not just a Hobby

Nate shares how his wanderlust changed perception of the world and happiness

Celebrating the Mothers of the World!

Feeling grateful and honoring motherhood in our lives on Mother’s Day
Women's Day

KOR Kids

Tribute to Motherhood: – A glimpse of heavenly touch of love by KOR Kids

Women's Day

Artistic Corner

See how Venilla expresses the art of creating something out of nothing. Bring out the Artist in you and inspire others to do the same.
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Artistic Corner

How Korcomptenz Contributed for Covid-19

We are currently supporting CovidArmy4India, an organization extending much needed healthcare access to people in India suffering from the coronavirus outbreak. CoivdArmy4India is helping Don Bosco, Egmore in their initiative to provide a 100 bed facility in Chennai with oxygen and 24 hour healthcare support.

Korcomptenz Charitable Foundation Inc helped providing provision for the poor and needy which would help them sustain themselves during the lock down. This would help them not to venture out during these difficult days and protect them from getting infected with the COVID virus.

Contributed for Covid

Why we love Technology? Trigger your Curiosity and Innovate

See how if you have a Father who can do VFX, you can do yourself’s a big movie with your kids as the hero
Women's Day
Indian Jugaad: Bike like machine to climb palm/coconut tree
Curiscope Virtuali-Tee: Bring Learning to Life with this Augmented Reality T-Shirt
Ford’s Delivery Robot Walks On Two Legs Like A Human

Latest Industry News

Become ultrasmart by knowing whats happening around us
D365 Remote Assit

How Dynamics 365 Remote Assist streamlines Microsoft datacenter operations

Epic vs Apple trial

Nine things we learned from the Epic v. Apple trial – All of the secrets that came out.

Whatsapp Privacy

WhatsApp sues Indian government over new privacy rules – sources

New Game Therapy

Scientists Partially Restored a Blind Man’s Sight With New Gene Therapy

Upcoming Webinar

Azure Synapse

From Business Hindsight to Foresight with Azure Synapse Analytics

Bring together the utility of Advanced Cloud Analytics with BI tools, to bring speed, security, and accelerated time-to-insight to your business.

Edward Diamond

Edward Diamond

Sr. Vice President & Head Global Sales
Murali Krishnan

Murali Krishnan

Sr. Director (Microsoft Dynamics & Analytics Practice)
Mike Glazer

Mike Glazer

Azure Synapse
Technical Specialist
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Upcoming Events

Father's Day Thumbnail

Celebrating the unidentified Hero of every family – Dad

Comedy Night
Gear up for the first ever Comedy Show
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