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Panchatattva – The Core Elements

Learn how to enrich your life with the core elements of Panchatattva ( The five elements).

Here is a refresher of what we learnt on Ownership, Responsiveness, Integrity, Farsightedness, and Contagious Curiosity. Click the video below.

Christian Articles

A Voyage to the Great White North

Hear from our associates about their journey to the Land of Maple Syrup
Canada World Map

Lakshey Uppal

Lead Consultant ERP

The Alluring Journey to the Great White North

The right words can stir up an emotion, trigger a memory and inflame an aspiration.

The journey to Canada was filled with mingled emotions. On the one hand, there was an excitement to start a new beginning on a personal and professional front and on the other end, there was an anxiety to cope with the challenge of settling into a new country, especially during COVID-19.

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Matt Venkata

Principal Consultant

Finally, My Dreams Come True

The journey to Canada was filled with happiness, emotions, and expectations. I was looking forward to starting a new life in Canada both personally and professionally. Despite the challenge of settling into a new country especially during this COVID-19 situation, I consider myself lucky as most people were home bound while I got to travel. Air India too had provided a wonderful service even during this COVID-19 times.

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Flora & Fauna

Both gardens and pets have one thing in common they bring joy to the soul and tranquility to the heart.
“This Earth Day, let us Join hands to protect our environment”
Garden and Pets April Month 2021

The Technology Blogger

Check out the insights on latest technology written by our very own technology blogger.

Pavankumar Yelchuri
Solution Architect

Inventory - Warehouse

Copy the Inventory / Warehouse Configurations to another environment using templates in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO)

Add Pin to Workspaces – Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365FO). Helps end users to track status of their work in daily operations.

Label Printing at PO receiving – Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO) . Helps the warehouse worker to print label while receiving the PO

Recent Webinar

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Logo

Modernize your ERP by Upgrading to the Cloud

It is certain that digital disruption will visit virtually all industries. Move to a world-class cloud ERP and put your organization in a strong position to win in this new paradigm!

Manoj Bonam

CTO & Head (Infrastructure, Cloud Management Practice)

Scott Foster

Sr. Director (Manufacturing & Business Consulting Practice)

Murali Krishnan

Sr. Director (Microsoft Dynamics & Analytics Practice)
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Mother's Day Celebration

Mother’s Day Celebration
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Beyond Coincidence
Beyond Coincidence
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