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Kompete Business Solutions

Kompete Business Solutions

Korcomptenz - Professional Staffing - KOMPETE HRM Solution

Accelerate Your HR with Powerful Software at Reasonable Price Points

HR Departments are facing increased demand for automated, optimized solutions that improve relationships with world class talent and increase their success rates. A complete HR software solution can help implement better ways to streamline operational and administrative processes within a consistent framework.  Kompete is a leading Software-as-a-Service Human Resource (HR) suite of products to optimize the efficiency of people and resources and to improve the benefits of your business partnerships. Kompete is cloud-based, secure, scalable and reliable, designed to cater to the needs of the organization through its unique model of integrated yet independent functions.

Kompete HRM

Employee Management (EM)

Employee administration is one of the key functions of EM personnel and Kompete EM automates this for you to make your work simpler and easier. The complete process from onboard to exit of employees is recorded and tracked. Improve the productivity of your HR department and communicate effectively with the most valuable asset of your organization – your employees!

Kompete HRM

Recruitment Management (RM)

Finding the right people at the right time, place and price is a primary challenge for HR departments. Can you benefit from a systematic, streamlined solution that helps keeping your costs low and develops intelligence? Kompete RM can add immediate value and promise a better ROI!

Kompete HRM

Timesheet And Attendance Management (TAM)

Employee administration is one of the key functions of HR personnel and Kompete HRM provides automation tools to make your work simpler and easier. The complete process from onboard to exit of employees is recorded and tracked, improving productivity, increasing the accuracy of information, and streamlining your operations.


Performance Management (PM)

Employee assessment is one the toughest andand most important tasks for an HR or line manager. Successful organizations engage employees who strive hard to meet their personal goals and in turn work towards achievement of corporate goals and objectives. Monitor employee performance and nurture them using Kompete PM to ensure ongoing business success

Kompete HRM

Request Management (RQM)

Request tracking can be made hassle-free through Kompete RQM. Transparent workflow, priority decisions and increased visibility eliminates all complexities to act as a user-friendly helpdesk. It helps your organization build and sustain strong relationships by satisfying the demands/needs of your stakeholders.

Kompete HRM

Industry Solutions (IS)

Industry Solutions offers recruitments solutions with low cost, long-term benefits and low risk using Kompete. Staffing companies that handle huge volumes of resumes, clientele and job requirements will find it easy to use and improve their productivity by deploying Kompete.

Kompete HRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Kompete CRM offers all the flexibility to customize functions and reports exactly as you wanted. You can map your organizational structure and business process workflows across various functions. Once you are all set up, dig into the function-rich features to experience all of the benefits of Kompete.


Register online and schedule a consultation to learn more about our professional staffing capabilities.  KORCOMPTENZ can help connect you with world-class talent and deliver best-in-class value:

  • Capitalize on our experience and empower yourself to focus on important processes that need your attention instead of recruitment.
  • Discover how to identify and engage the best in the market
  • Optimize your HR department by extending your team with needed talent
  • Choose the engagement model that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations

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