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Key Kentico Security Features

Korcomptenz - Kentico - Key Kentico Security Features

The Most Cost-Effective All-in-One Solution Demands An Effective, Proven All-in-One Provider

Protect Your Organization + Your Customer's Data

Cybersecurity is a hot topic and a multibillion dollar industry. An organization's website is often the front-line of their engagement with customers and prospects, making the security features of the platform a critical factor in your overall approach to cyber threats. Fortunately, Kentico EMS, the Gartner® ranked content management solution, includes key features to protect your sensitive data and reputation—including an all new data protection app.

New in Kentico 11!

Data Protection App + GDPR Compliance

Kentico 11 features a new Data Protection App designed to conform with the new General Data Protection Regulations taking effect in Europe. This centralized app allows you to manage subscriber consents, access or even forget customer data, and export security information from a single location.


Access to Kentico's administration console can be configured using the sophisticated SHA2 hash format plus salt, and multi-factor options. In addition, Kentico supports a wide variety of claims-based authentication for integration with Single Sign On systems.

Customizable Roles + Permissions

Kentico's administrative permissions are flexible and customizable, allowing you to control access to content and data on very granular level to ensure your associates are only able to view items pertinent to their job description.

Double Opt-in Registration

Registered users can be protected by including a double opt-in feature that requires them to validate their email address before access is granted.

Integration with reCaptcha

Kentico offers integration with Google's popular reCaptcha to help protect your site from abuse. Google's reCaptcha algorithm uses advanced risk analysis to identify human users and ward off the bots.

Anti-Cross Site Forgery + Additional OWASP Top 10 Features

Kentico 11 also includes important features to protect you from common attacks, such as Anti-Cross Site Forgery tokens and commands to protect queries from Cross Site Scripting attacks.

In addition, every version of Kentico has undergone extensive and detailed security testing. Kentico and KORCOMPTENZ development teams are thoroughly trained in security best practices with extensive experience identifying potential threats in code.

KORCOMPTENZ Security Experience

The most secure platforms can become vulnerable without the right development partner, and security is an area where KORCOMPTENZ's 15-year history of providing enterprise class digital transformation solutions provides additional peace of mind. Our developers are all highly trained and well-versed in protecting against cybersecurity threats with extensive experience in highly-regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, and ecommerce.




Kentico CMS

Powerful Combination for your Enterprise Website Needs

KORCOMPTENZ is a trusted technology transformation provider and certified Kentico partner with rich experience across web and marketing technology, and a commitment to maximizing your return on investment. Together, KORCOMPTENZ and Kentico are the perfect combination for your enterprise website needs. Request a consultation today for a no-cost estimate.

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