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The Most Cost-Effective All-in-One Solution Demands An Effective, Proven All-in-One Provider

Serving 25,000 websites in 100 countries

Kentico's core features and platform are extraordinarily flexible, and can be applied to the needs of a wide variety of industries from entertainment to automotive, pharmaceutical to financial, and just about everything in between.

Current Kentico Customer By Industry

Agriculture Education Manufacturing
Associations Entertainment Nonprofit
Construction Financial Service
Consumer Goods Government Technology
Ecommerce Healthcare Travel
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Spotlight on Highly Regulated Industries

While all industries should focus on combatting cyber threats, the needs of certain market sectors are more demanding due to combination of regulations and the sensitivity of the data being handled. Kentico CMS includes key security, audit, and compliance features to meet the specific needs of demanding markets such as the healthcare and financial industry.


  • A combination of security, compliance, and support for key features like staff directories, complex event calendars, online registration, and patient journeys makes Kentico widely used in the healthcare industry


  • The ready availability of audit trails, content history, and the ability to support features like displaying rates from a centralized repository or logging in for online banking have made Kentico a leading choice in the financial industry

KORCOMPTENZ Industry Expertise

As a Kentico Gold Partner with a 15-year history of providing enterprise technology solutions for both large international organizations and small businesses, KORCOMPTENZ has developed extensive experience across a wide-range of industries. Our sharp focus on security and cyber threat prevention helps make us an obvious choice for highly regulated industries.

KORCOMPTENZ Industry Focus
Automotive Healthcare payer Publishing
Fashion Manufacturing Retail
Financial institutions Medical device Technology
Healthcare provider Non-profit Utilities




Kentico CMS

Powerful Combination for your Enterprise Website Needs

KORCOMPTENZ is a trusted technology transformation provider and certified Kentico partner with rich experience across web and marketing technology, and a commitment to maximizing your return on investment. Together, KORCOMPTENZ and Kentico are the perfect combination for your enterprise website needs. Request a consultation today for a no-cost estimate.

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