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Is your organization ready for one-to-one engagement?

Korcomptenz - Total Transformation Blog

Posted on August 08, 2017

Personalization is one of the fastest moving areas of digital marketing and a key differentiator for success in today's market. In fact, consumers have come to expect and embrace the personalized digital experience, as long as it doesn't cross a line and become intrusive.

Acquia recently asked 450 digital leaders about their experiences with personalization and the challenges of incorporating it into their digital strategies. While more than 90% agreed that delivering a personalized experience is important, 89% admitted they find executing a successful strategy difficult because of challenges such as lack of insight into the preferences or identities of visitors; lack of budget for necessary technology; and lack of content and an unwillingness on the part of customers to provide personal information because of bad press about online privacy.

Despite such obstacles, getting personalization right can be crucial to a brand's success. More than half the respondents Acquia surveyed who had successfully implemented personalization said that they had seen an increase in viewing times, greater engagement with calls to action, and increased sales.

Ultimately, organizations need the technology in place to provide the right experiences to the right customers, suggest content, pull and analyze customer data, and automate those processes. They need to merge content and customer data in one place, which can empower businesses to deliver consistent personalized experiences across channels and devices.

Acquia Lift is a leader in creating personalized and contextual digital experiences, and KORCOMPTENZ can help implement a personalization platform and strategy that will take your digital experiences into the next five years.

In addition to deep technical expertise on Acquia and other platforms, KORCOMPTENZ employs a guided discovery process and a phased adoption curve to maximize your short and long term ROI, getting you out of the gate quickly with an agile methodology that enhances the experience over time.

Lisa Goulian Twiste

Content Developer

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