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iOS App development

Innovative iOS App Development Services Provide Top-Notch Expertise for all Your Business Needs

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iOS App Development Company

Verticals We Serve

We provide native iOS and hybrid app development services for a wide variety of domains and industries.

iOS App development-Finance-Finance


iOS App development-Retail


iOS App development-Wellness


iOS App development-Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

iOS App development-Transportation


IOS App Development Companies


iOS App development-Productivity


iOS App development-Healthcare


IOS App Development Companies - Travel


IOS App Development Company - Lifestyle


iOS App development-Entertainment


iOS App development-Education



Our experienced, engaged, and vibrant teams of app developers and solution architects deliver top-notch solutions with innovative features to meet the needs of your audiences and business.

We provide additional peace of mind by following all of the latest trends, and understanding the impact of future iOS releases before they affect your app.

IOS App Development Company - Technology
 IOS App Development


KORCOMPTENZ uses proven processes, honed over thousands of projects and 15 years of technology experience to deliver your dream app. From B2C to enterprise app development, KORCOMPTENZ is a provider that stands out from the rest, with the experience and expertise to deliver in an efficient and timely manner.

IOS App Development Companies - iPhone


IOS App Development Company - Apple Watch

Apple Watch

IOS App Development  - iPad


Native Development

Native iOS apps are developed using Apple's X-Code application and industry leading frameworks such as Java. These native apps provide the best performance possible thanks to direct access to Apple libraries and features.

IOS App Development Companies - Swift


IOS App Development Company - Objective

Objective C

IOS App Development - XCode


IOS App Development Companies

Hybrid Development

Hybrid iOS apps are created using the web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS 3. The final build is wrapped in a native iOS container and used as a regular app. This hybrid approach is also called "Write Once, Run Anywhere" as the same code can run on multiple platforms.

Hybrid Development - IOS App Development Company Hybrid Development
Hybrid Development - IOS App Development Company

iOS Mobile App Features

Modern mobile apps can support an almost unlimited range of features, from basic messaging, to photos, to sophisticated personalization based on a person's geolocation.

IOS App Development Company - Map integration

Map integration

IOS App Development  - GPS, Geofencing, and Beacons

GPS, Geofencing, and Beacons

IOS App Development Companies - Offline storage (SQLite)

Offline Storage

IOS App Development Company - Multimedia


IOS App Development  - IoT


IOS App Development Companies - Enterprise & m-Commerce apps

Enterprise + E-commerce Apps

iOS App Benefits

IOS App Development Company - Easy Customization Easy Customization

iOS provides endless customization options making it more flexible for developers to build enaging apps.

IOS App Development  - Security and Distribution Security and Distribution

iOS is a highly secured platform where apps are safe from viruses.

IOS App Development Companies - Wearable Devices Wearable Devices

Apple's industry leading Watch series and leading providers like FitBit offer unique opportunities for your app to integrate with wearable devices.