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Overcoming common obstacles to improving omnichannel engagement

Korcomptenz - Total Transformation Blog

Posted on September 29, 2017

There's nothing more important in today's marketing world than customer engagement and building a relationship with your audience through every stage of the journey. Customers are constantly on the move and they expect all of their digital interactions to be highly personalized. It's crucial to deliver the best, most relevant information and experiences at the appropriate time.

While the concept of content and marketing personalization isn't new, most companies are still struggling to navigate the process while avoiding common roadblocks. For example, here are three challenges recently identified by Acquia, who's Lift platform supports complex journeys and personalization:

  • Marketers don't really know their customers' journeys. Your customers are on individual journeys that cut across multiple digital and non-digital channels like web, social, commerce, call centers, in-store, and more. They want various kinds of information on multiple topics at different times and expect brands to easily provide them with answers, content, or products where and when they want it.
  • Too many marketing channels, not enough resources. Marketers are catering to many unique customers who consume different types of content across various topics and multiple channels. Who has the manpower, budget, and time to meet this demand? And how will customers react if they're served outdated information or generic content that doesn't meet their needs?
  • Data, channels, and systems are disconnected. Marketers are working with multiple channels, systems and data to deliver a customer experience that cuts across marketing, customer service and advertising. A failure of these tools to communicate, however, can leave customer data and content fragmented across systems, making it difficult for marketers to understand each customer's' unique journey, or react to it based on real time data.

To overcome these roadblocks, marketers must learn to understand where customers are in the journey; what they care about and when; and how to form the right content and experiences in real time while leveraging their existing investments. In planning a strategy, we suggest the following:

  • Understand your customers, and unify customer data and content. Although each of your marketing tools are individually capable, they need to work in unison so data-driven personalized experiences can be built and delivered at each point in the journey.
  • There's no single channel that fits all customers. Make sure your digital experience platform or CMS is flexible enough to deliver content across any channel – not just web – so it can support the journey now and as new channels emerge.
  • Use a centralized tool to personalize experiences through the customer journey.Consider an omni-channel tool that lets you plan for journeys that are both digital and non-digital; seamlessly connect to any API, database or queue; map out customer journeys and touchpoints; and make real-time decisions based on customer data.

As customers continue to dictate how and where digital content should be delivered, KORCOMPTENZ – powered by partners like Acquia – can help you provide the right customer experience across the journey. We leverage an agile methodology that focuses on generating rapid results and the ability upgrade over time, overcoming roadblocks with innovative thinking and creative approaches.

KORCOMPTENZ is your total technology transformation partner, helping you engage your customers and prospects, enable your business, and accelerate your results. Request a consultation to learn more about our web and marketing technology services, business management solutions, mobile apps and custom development, and infrastructure management services.

Lisa Goulian Twiste

Content Developer

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