Unify your sales processes with Freshworks CRM and grow your business

Customers are at the center of every business; don’t gain enough or lose too many and you will be out of business. The success of your organization depends on how well you maintain your relationships and how satisfied your customers are with your services.

The right CRM platform is central to building loyalty and trust. Freshworks CRM is a turnkey platform to manage every aspect of the relationship, offering a unique combination of best-in-class features and attractive price points. Freshworks CRM, previously known as Freshsales, is a Cloud-based CRM solution that can manage all aspects of your relationship with your customers.

Freshworks CRM

Key Features

Service Desk

Visitor Intel

Gain insight on your customer’s by tracking their visits.


AI Powered Chatbots

Address customer queries with easy to configure chatbots.

Service Catalog

Email Campaign

Customize email campaigns and generate cost- efficient sales by attracting leads

Portfolio View

Freddy’s AI insights

Gain insight on the right leads with the help of a Virtual Sales assistant.

Omnichannel Support

Web Forms

Record Visitor information and track their journey with the help of easy to deploy, integrated web forms.

Reporting Analysis

Multi-Currency and Language

Customize language and currency according to your client’s needs and manage all your business transactions smoothly.

Benefits of Freshsales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Enhances Customer Relationships: Freshworks CRM records every action of your customers, deepening your understanding of their needs to help provide personalized support and service that will improve our relationship in the long run.

  • Reliable Reporting: Interactive reports with visualizations generated from Freshworks CRM software are very precise compared to the human work, reducing the margin for error.
  • Increased Productivity by Automation: Improve your business and enhance productivity with Freshworks CRM’s automation features.

  • Higher Revenue: Freshworks CRM enables you to keep in constant touch with your existing clients and gives you the opportunity to find better leads and turn them into customers resulting in a higher ROI.

  • Strong connectivity between teams: Freshworks CRM breaks all the data silos and helps the team provide personalized service and customer journeys.

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