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FortiMonitor gives you the ability to prevent future attacks against your network by locating and addressing vulnerabilities in your front-line security before attackers can exploit them. FortiMonitor utilizes big data analytics to provide a holistic view of your network security

  • Broad, Integrated, and Automated protection – everywhere you need it
  • A Proven Tool since 2003 Powered by Fortinet
  • The Industries Highest Performing Cybersecurity Platform

Key Features & Benefits

What FortiMonitor Offers

Network Performance Monitoring (NPMD):

  • Visualizes
  • Monitors
  • Optimizes
  • Troubleshoots
  • Reports on the Health and Availability of your network

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM):

  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • End User Experience Monitoring
  • To analyse the Efficacy of your applications and services

Incident Management:

  • Restores Normal Service as quickly as possible in the event of a disturbance
  • Minimizes the effect of a disturbance on business operations

FortiMonitor Against the Competition

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Solar Winds
Logic Monitor
New Relic

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