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Fixed Bid Projects

Complete Your Projects On Time and On Budget with Fixed Bids

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KORCOMPTENZ extensive experience and cost-effective solutions allow us to commit to exceptional pricing in advance

Fixed bid projects offer organizations a lot of potential advantages: Predictable budgets and timelines, full service project management, and peace of mind knowing all the resources you need are assigned to even the most complex projects.

Website Design + Development
Platform Implementations
Upgrades + Enhancements
Consulting +Analysis

How It Works

KORCOMPTENZ experience over 15 years in the technology market allows us to accurately estimate the resources required and the costs of projects.

Understand Your Needs
Estimate the Scope of Work
Review + Fine Tune
Execute On Time and On Budget

Perfect for Complex Projects with Diverse Technology Needs

KORCOMPTENZ fixed-bid engagements are ideal for larger projects that require multiple technical and strategic skills, and integrated project management and quality assurance. All resources and costs are accounted for in advance, giving you budgetary predictability and peace of mind.

Single Point of Contact
Detailed Project Plan
Experienced Resources
Robust Quality Assurance

Important topics of interest

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July 24, 2019
Today’s consumers are both more informed and less loyal than their predecessors. Businesses need to accept that simple fact and understand that their customers—whether consumers or business buyers—have certain expectations of the companies they purchase from.
July 17, 2019

Get Started with a Complimentary Consultation

KORCOMPTENZ understands that outsourced development services are a complex decision for your organization, and we offer complimentary consultation services to understand your unique needs and make specific recommendations.

We combine broad business knowledge, deep domain expertise, and a global delivery model to deliver best-in-class technology solutions with superior results and return on investment. Our holistic view of the transformational nature of technology allows us to leverage a wide-variety of platforms and tools to meet specific business challenges across your enterprise including marketing and operational needs.

Integrated service lines across the complete technology stack

Whether you choose KORCOMPTENZ to implement an enterprise resource planning application, develop your new website, manage your email and cloud-infrastructure, or launch a custom mobile application, you can count on our commitment to deliver the very best.