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Email Supporting Service

Email Supporting Service

Korcomptenz - Cloud + Infrastructure Management - Email

Enable + Accelerate Your Business with Office365 or Localized Email + Supporting Applications

Email has become such an essential business tool that it’s difficult to imagine we survived without it, but—like everything else in the technology world—there have probably been many improvements and new features since you last reviewed your options.

KORCOMPTENZ can help ensure your business is taking advantage of the latest trends. From reducing total cost of ownership with cloud subscriptions to increasing access with mobile-enabled applications, our understanding of the solutions available and expertise with both local and cloud delivery models can help you evaluate and deploy the ideal configuration for your organization. 

  • Email software, server, or cloud subscription and management
  • Email migration services
  • User management, maintenance and technical support
  • Access and mobility services

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Did you know?

There are approximately 4.3 billion email addresses in the world. KORCOMPTENZ can make it easier to access and maintain all of your business accounts.