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Digital Business Transformation

Digital Business Transformation

Korcomptenz - Digital Business Transformation

Digital Business Transformation

Achieve your business goals and fuel the next phase of your organization with innovative, cost-effective mobility, cloud, Internet of Things, AI, and data science solutions tailored to your unique needs and industry.

Affordable, Agile, and Scalable Next Generation Solutions

Technology has the power to transform your organization, engaging customers and prospects in new ways, automating key business functions, and modeling future results based on past performance. The wide range of options available, the overwhelming number of platforms on the market, and the need to demonstrate immediate investment can be barriers to entry, however. That's why you need a partner that knows the technology landscape and is focused on helping you solve business challenges, gain competitive advantage, and build lasting value.

Connect With Customers on Mobile Devices

Automate Customer Service + Other Functions

Deploy Intelligent Hardware + Software With Location Awareness

Next Generation Cloud Business Services

Manage + Understand Your Business Data

Predict Future Outcomes Based on Past Results

Solutions at a Glance

KORCOMPTENZ offers a full range of affordable digital transformation solutions across key functions of your business, from customer acquisition and services to back end operations, accelerating your results.


Mobile Apps


Internet of Things

Data Analytics

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Leading Technology Platforms

KORCOMPTENZ solutions utilize some of the most advanced and respected platforms in the industry, giving you access to best-in-class features that utilize next generation technology including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Apple iOS
Apple Healthkit
Google Android
Google Fit
Microsoft Azure Bot Service
Google Dialogue Flow
LUIS Natural Language Processor
Microsoft Machine Learning Studio
Artificial Intelligence Mark Up Language

Project Spotlight: Customer Service Portal

The Challenge

  • High call volume to offices with small staff and limited resources, and no customer self-service capabilities
  • No centralized repository of customer invoices, contracts, and other information

The Solution

  • Customer portal and mobile apps fully integrated with existing ERP solution
  • Customer onboarding process and secure access to customer-specific information

The Results

  • Rapid customer uptake across all business units
  • Sharply reduced call volume allowing staff to concentrate on core functions

KORCOMPTENZ is a trusted technology transformation provider. KORCOMPTENZ's secure, scalable architecture allows organizations to launch quickly and effectively, generating real results with the ability to integrate additional data, systems, and ongoing advocacy after launch. Request a consultation today for a no-cost estimate.