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Advisory and Strategy
Time and Material
Fixed Bid

Strategic Approach To Enterprise Engagements

Successful engagements begin with a targeted, strategic approach to ensuring optimal alignment with your needs and ongoing critical control points to maximize continued success.


Tightly integrated policies, processes, and teams with a shared understanding of your goals and objectives


Coordinated execution with synchronised workflows and critical control points to manage deliverables


Detailed service level agreements and performance metrics reported on a regular basis

When To Use A Dedicated Team?

Companies of all sizes trust KORCOMPTENZ to deploy dedicated, agile, and scalable teams :-

Product Development + Support
Team Augmentation + Extension
Expanded Service Lines + Capabilities
Business Process Outsourcing

Why Use A Dedicated Team?

Immediate + Long-Lasting Benefits

KORCOMPTENZ dedicated teams can provide immediate and long-lasting benefits to your organization.

Deploy Dedicated Team

How It Works?

How Dedicated Team Works

Get Started With A Complimentary Consultation

KORCOMPTENZ understands that outsourced development services are a complex decision for your organization, and we offer complimentary consultation services to understand your unique needs and make specific recommendations.

We combine broad business knowledge, deep domain expertise, and a global delivery model to deliver best-in-class technology solutions with superior results and return on investment. Our holistic view of the transformational nature of technology allows us to leverage a wide-variety of platforms and tools to meet specific business challenges across your enterprise including marketing and operational needs.

Integrated service lines across the complete technology stack
Complete Technology Stack

Whether you choose KORCOMPTENZ to implement an enterprise resource planning application, develop your new website, manage your email and cloud-infrastructure, or launch a custom mobile application, you can count on our commitment to deliver the very best.

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