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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

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Accelerate Your Results with Enterprise CRM Solutions

From providing a positive experience across service interactions to properly identifying opportunities to increase revenues, an organization’s relationship with their customers is at the center of its success.  Studies indicate that properly configured and managed systems can increase revenue by over a third, making a fully integrated CRM an essential part of managing business in today’s highly personalized and contextualized environment.

Choosing a partner to help select, implement, and support your solution in this space is more critical than ever, and KORCOMPTENZ can help with experience across multiple technologies including Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.  We offer flexible engagements, scalable teams, highly competitive total cost of ownership, and the business acumen to fully understand your needs and make actionable recommendations.

We specialized in managing large data sets and our extensive experience in the healthcare and financial industry has given us the expertise to protect your data. In addition, KORCOMPTENZ was founded on a unique combination of broad business knowledge and rich access to resources that is essential for complex engagements.


Salesforce is the recognized leader in the cloud CRM market with innovative, best-in-class solutions to support sales, marketing, service, analytics, app development, and more powered by the new Salesforce Einstein AI assistant.


Microsoft Dynamics365 is a proven, cost-effective CRM solution offering sales and marketing, project and service desk, and more with enterprise features at affordable price points including new Cortana AI and machine learning.


KORCOMPTENZ also supports other platforms such as SugarCRM, Oracle, and Netsuite including integration with external applications, Content Management Systems, and data visualization tools to maximize ROI. 

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Microsoft Dynamics365 includes Cortana AI to improve management and generate new insights. KORCOMPTENZ can help you make the most of machine learning and other disruptive technologies.