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Customer Journeys + Marketing Automation

Customer Journeys + Marketing Automation

Korcomptenz - Web + Mobile Technology - Customer Journeys + Marketing Automation

Accelerate Your Outreach by Continuously Engaging Audiences According to Their Needs

Customer Journeys are one of the hottest trends in marketing. Powered by dynamic, innovative technology platforms that can handle more data, deliver more personalized experiences, and integrate a wider variety of information, this new automated approach to digital marketing promises to connect your brand with consumers throughout the purchasing lifecycle. In addition, these new marketing automation technologies can reduce total cost of ownership and increase return on investment over time.

Turnkey Services for all Your Customer Journey Needs

KORCOMPTENZ is uniquely positioned to provide optimal planning and implementation services by combining a rich history of technology expertise—including managing large data sets for international organizations—and strategic thinking rooted in the latest trends.

Customer Journey Mapping We'll help you fully understand the purchasing patterns of your customers and prospects by applying a data-driven approach using a proprietary agile mapping process.
Implement the Right Solution We an identify a best-in-class marketing automation platform that integrates with your current technology stack, and meets your current and future needs.
Deploy Automated Campaigns We provide turnkey design, development, and deployment of personalized marketing campaigns and supporting content across web, mobile, email, social and other channels.
Ongoing Analytics + Management We support you after deployment with monthly performance reports, goal funnels, subscriber management and continuous improvement of your campaigns.

Maximize Your Digital Reach with Supporting Services

KORCOMPTENZ offers a wide variety of supporting services to acquire new customers and maximize your return on investment.

Proprietary, Agile Methodology for Rapid Results

Customer Journeys are innovative, and your partner and process need to keep pace. That's why KORCOMPTENZ has developed a proprietary Agile Methodology to get you started quickly and cost effectively while generating real results.

KORCOMPTENZ's proprietary Agile Methodology was featured at DigiMarcon East 2018, the world's largest digital marketing conference series. Ask us how you can benefit from our unique approach.


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