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ilogcheck App - A Health Check App for Visitor Management

The iLogCheck web and mobile app allows companies to easily comply with the new healthcare regulations by capturing staff and visitor information while entering an organization’s facilities.

With iLogcheck, you can:

  • Remove the need for additional staff at reception
  • Eliminate paper
  • Keep track of all your visitors digitally
  • Provide a touchless login experience to your employees and
  • Receive alerts of potentially ill individuals on premises

The iLogcheck App has a lot of benefits. It is:

  • Easy to use with just 15 minutes of training and
  • It is also easy to install in office premises.

For further details, visit our iLogcheck page.

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Faster speed to market


Higher workforce productivity


Less IT error and rework


Additional earnings before interest and taxes

Are you ready for the New Normal?

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the economic and business environment – making today’s marketplace one of the most uncertain in history. With stay at home orders and increased government restriction on businesses, its important now more than ever to make sure that your company is in a good place to thrive in this environment. The pandemic has toppled socio-economic norms and it is critical that your business is able to be flexible and keep running no matter the circumstances.

By investing in the right technology you can improve your organizations capacity to adapt and react to any change no matter how sudden and ensure that the following factors are improved.

Our Capabilities


Activate Digital Selling

Activate Digital Selling empowers organizations to provide an end-to-end digital buying experience, across every stage of the customer’s journey, making it quick for customers to evaluate and buy without the need for face-to-face engagements


Enable Always-On Service

Enable Always-On Service empowers teams with the right tools and insight into a 360-degree view of the customer profile, sentiment analysis, and omnichannel engagement, to provide a personalized response across any channel


Build a Resilient Supply Chain

Build a Resilient Supply Chain provides organizations with end to end supply chain visibility and agility in planning, sourcing, and distribution processes so they can adapt to disruptions quickly and ensure business continuity


Manage Financial Risk and Fraud

Reduce Fraud enables organizations to predict future cash flow trends and minimize loss due to payment fraud or wrongful rejections, helping to optimize financial operations and protect revenue


Build Agile Business Processes

Build Agile Business Processes allows organizations to modernize, automate and innovate faster to eliminate inefficiencies and solve challenges across any part of the business


Generate Value with Proactive Insights

Generating Value with Proactive Insights enables organizations to unify and unlock more value from their data, in order to drive greater business insights and activate recommendations with AI


Leverage Digital Transformation

Enable your company to become effective and resilient in the face of this current global pandemic. Korcomptenz enables you to thrive in this environment by concentrating on three important aspects of your business:

Enable your Employees

Enable your Employees to Collaborate and remain efficient by transforming your business practices. Enable them with the virtual tools needed to remain productive in the work from home environment. Leverage the power of the Microsoft Suite with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Teams. Migrate from your current email system to Microsoft Office 365 to access your information from anywhere. Enable BYOD capability through Microsoft Intune.

Engage your Customers

It is now more important than ever to remain in contact with customers during this time. Take the step to virtualize your services and build an online presence for your company. Leverage our experts in Customer Journey and Supply Chain Management to ensure that your customers are satisfied. Use Customer Portals and Marketing Automation to transform your capabilities.

Accelerate Business Continuity

Cloud is King! With today’s work from home business environment, migrating your technology to the cloud is now critical to your business continuity. Enhance your cybersecurity using the power of Microsoft and Enable your company to effectively engage with your customers in a post-COVID-19 marketplace to accelerate your business growth.

Our Technology Solutions

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Empower your employees to work remotely with:
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Deploy BYOD securely with Microsoft Intune
  • Migrate your Team to the Cloud.
Ensure business continuity with:
  • 360-Degree Reporting
  • Tips on how to sell online
  • Cybersecurity
  • New-age Technology Tools
Connect with your customers through:
  • Customer Portals
  • Mobile Apps
  • Marketing Automation
  • Omni-channel and Customer Journey.

Every organization’s journey is unique

Engage. Enable. Accelerate.

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