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Can your organization bridge the gap between these vital teams?

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Posted on August 24, 2017

Marketers and developers aren't always aligned. Marketers often claim developers lack an understanding of business requirements and strategies for online marketing, while developers fault marketers for not having enough digital experience, not asking the right questions, or having the right expectations. This right-brain, left-brain friction can cause your teams to remain fractured and greatly affect the quality of the final product.

You can help avoid these pitfalls by taking a more holistic approach, and leveraging online marketing applications like Kentico EMS to help facilitate communications, allowing everyone to focus on key areas to be addressed during the planning phases. After the platform is selected, start the conversation with the right development model to give marketers a better understanding of the options and the involvement required for a successful project.

Before diving head first into the delivery, developers should ask questions like, what kind of pages do you plan to manage? Home pages, landing pages, campaign pages, etc.? Do you need the ability to add and remove components on the page without a developer?

You should also ensure there is a thorough understanding of online marketing data and how the development team is expected to generate reports, refresh content, and adjust strategies. Essential conversations with developers should address issues like the data to be maintained and tracked, how much and how long the data should be maintained, and how the data should be visualized for maximum value.

Marketers and developers should also be aligned on obtaining and organizing information about a web site's visitors, or "contacts" in Kentico EMS terms. Key questions developers should ask are: How many segments do you really need to be successful? Do you have resources to support these segments? Which segmentation feature, personas, lead scoring, etc. works best for the campaign?

KORCOMPTENZ can help facilitate the right conversations and increase your understanding of how online marketing tools like Kentico EMS and other platforms can unite marketers and developers in successful ventures.

We specialize in deploying enterprise-class technology across your organization, and we speak the language of marketing and information services, connecting the right and left brains across your organization. Special thanks to our partners at Kentico for the original coverage of this important topic

Lisa Goulian Twiste

Content Developer

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