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Can the technology warhorse regain top tier status?

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Posted on August 14, 2017

It’s no secret that Microsoft has been overshadowed by other technology companies in recent years. While Apple and Google were expanding their reach and bottom line in mobile, and Amazon was pioneering the cloud, Microsoft didn’t seem nearly as relevant as their 1990’s peak. They still had huge numbers between Windows and the Office Suite, as well as a gaming hit with X-Box, but they never seemed to click in the modern computing market—a square company surrounded by upstart hipsters.

The launch of Office365 and Azure, however, combined with CEO Satya Nadella’s Cloud First – Mobile First strategy started to change the way Microsoft was perceived as a company few year ago, leading to a massive resurgence. If their recent earnings report was any indication, it’s officially hip to be square. Fueled by a relentless focus on cloud innovation, Azure services continued to thrive at 97% year-over-year growth. A few other highlights include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 revenue up 74% with overall Dynamics up 7%
  • Office 365 revenue up 43%
  • Productivity and Business Processes including LinkedIn up 43%

These increases and the new innovations translate into big wins for businesses and consumers. Dynamics 365 now offers a full suite of Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Sales and Service Desk software at attractive price points for small and medium businesses. Office 365 includes a line of apps and SharePoint software that can streamline your operations and increase your return on investment including advanced mobility solutions.

In short, it’s a buyer’s market for enterprise technology and the battle between big players like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Amazon should continue to generate a powerful combination of increased innovation and reduced prices.

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Christian Twiste

Chief Operating Officer

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