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Artificial intelligence for Content Writing

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Posted on June 30, 2017

Whether you’re talking about personal electronic devices or bots in social media, artificial intelligence seems to be everywhere.  We trust it to recommend where we eat dinner and to show us the way home afterward, and businesses are using it to generate an increasing amount of web content.  Is a time coming when we won’t be able to tell the difference between content generated by a human being versus a machine?

AI is beginning to more closely resemble human intelligence through Natural Language Processing (NLP), which uses computational techniques to analyze requests for information, clear up uncertainties, and even respond to abstract concepts like culture, belief, and emotion.  AI can generate content, monitor it, learn from it, and focus it, and it never takes a bathroom break or demands a paycheck.

However, even NLP relies on the nuances that only human writers can provide.  And while Gartner estimates  that 20% of business content will be authored by machines by 2018 – particularly less creative content, such as financial and legal documents – there are still many things a machine can’t do, at least not as well as a person.  These include providing a consistent of voice or the emotional impact news items need.  Generating a significant amount of content to meet demand is one thing, but connecting with the heart of the reader is a different thing altogether.

While computers can’t write all of your content yet, artificial intelligence is becoming a critical part of business software today.  KORCOMPTENZ can help you understand how tools like Microsoft Cortana and Salesforce Einstein can increase your bottom line with machine learning and pattern recognition.  We provide a full range of Enterprise Resource Planning services powered by Microsoft Dynamics and Customer Relationship Management services using Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

Special thanks to our partners at Kentico CMS for the original coverage of this topic.  Kentico is the perfect .NET  platform to manage all of your content, real and artificially produced.

Lisa Goulian Twiste

Content Developer

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