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Business Intelligence and Big Data helps
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Big Data Solutions - 360 Degree View of Your Data

Big Data and BI Solutions

Enterprise Analytics Services Powered by a Total Technology Provider

KORCOMPTENZ Full Stack Expertise Offers a 360 Degree View of Your Data

It's an exciting time to be considering business intelligence and big data solutions. An explosion of visualization platforms and advanced technologies combined with the ability to track every interaction in the era of digital transformation is creating opportunities for companies of all sizes to improve their business understanding and outcomes.

At the same time, getting started at an affordable price can seem daunting. Do I need a platform or a partner? What should I do first? What will it cost? What do I do once I have my first reports? These are all critical questions, and the answer is going to vary based on everything from your business model to your industry to what software you are using.

KORCOMPTENZ can help answer these questions and more because of our unique combination of broad business knowledge and deep expertise. Our true turnkey business intelligence and big data solutions take advantage of the latest machine learning and modeling while remaining firmly grounded in improving your outcomes by helping you understand the data.

Business Intelligence + Big Data Solutions

BI Platform Implementation + Support | KORCOMPTENZ Business Intelligence

BI Platform Implementation + Support

Report Visualization + Customization | KORCOMPTENZ Business Intelligence

Report Visualization + Customization

Consumer Behavior + Data  | KORCOMPTENZ Business Intelligence

Consumer Behavior + Data

Financial + Performance Forecasting | KORCOMPTENZ Business Intelligence

Financial + Performance Forecasting

Report Analysis + Recommendations | KORCOMPTENZ Business Intelligence

Report Analysis + Recommendations

Data Warehousing | KORCOMPTENZ Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing

A Full Service, Scalable Platform

KORCOMPTENZ business intelligence and big data solutions can address all aspects of your analytics needs including the following key components.

Primary interface - KORCOMPTENZ Big Data Solutions

Primary interface for customers to access reports and manage their users

Artifical intelligence - KORCOMPTENZ Big Data Solutions

Artifical intelligence and machine learning that extract meaningful information

Connections and ETL layers - KORCOMPTENZ Big Data Solutions

Connections and ETL layers for all of your front-end and back-end data sources

Long term storage - KORCOMPTENZ Big Data Solutions

Long term storage of all your relevant data in a secure, scalable environment

Reporting Dashboard

Intelligent Algorithms

Data Connectors

Data Warehouse

Platforms + Tools

KORCOMPTENZ leverages a wide variety of platforms to support your unique business intelligence needs. We also deploy data warehouses using leading platforms and technologies such as Amazon Web Services and Hadoop.

Platforms Tools for Business Intelligence & Big Data Solutions
PowerBI | Business Intelligence Platform & Tool


Tableau | Business Intelligence Platform, Tool


Targit | Business Intelligence Platform, Tool


ZAP | Business Intelligence Platform, Tool


SAP Business Objects | Business Intelligence Platform, Tool

SAP Business Objects

SQL Server Reporting | Business Intelligence Platform, Tool

SQL Server Reporting Service

360 Degree Reporting Roadmap

KORCOMPTENZ business intelligence and big data services balance the short-term goal of generating effective insights with the long-term objective of leveraging the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence to predictively model critical aspects of your business like sales and marketing spend. This strategy gets you started quickly and easily, and increases ROI over time.

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Integrating the Most Valuable Data Across Your Business

A business intelligence program can only be as insightful as the underlying data. Having a partner that understands your organization from accounting to production to sales is a critical factor in your overall success. KORCOMPTENZ's broad business knowledge, extensive expertise with back-end, front-end, and even mobile systems, and our 15 year history of delivering innovative programs allows us deeper insight and understanding from start to finish. Here are a few of the systems we have integrated with.

Microsoft Dynamics
SAP Hana
Google Analytics
Adobe Analytics
Google Adwords

KORCOMPTENZ + Business Intelligence

A Powerful Combination for your Enterprise Data + Analytics Needs

KORCOMPTENZ is a trusted technology transformation provider and an enterprise-class business intelligence provider with rich experience across all aspects of technology, and a commitment to maximizing your return on investment. Request a consultation today for a no-cost estimate.