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Business Accelerators

Business Accelerators

Korcomptenz - Mobile Apps + Custom Solutions - Business Accelerators

Next Generation Mobility Can Extend Your Reach + Improve Your Productivity

KORCOMPTENZ can ensure you are fully maximizing your existing investments in office and productivity, ERP, CRM, and other software by supporting next generation mobility services.  This new, rapidly evolving market leverages best-in-class platforms and rapid development to deploy a unique combination of custom functionality and access to data when and where you need it most.   In addition, many cloud software subscriptions come ready-made with app enhancements—you just need  access to the right expertise to embrace improved mobility. 

KORCOMPTENZ  helps empower your employees in new and exciting ways, making their mobile wish-list a reality across Microsoft, Salesforce, and other platforms.  Our experience in both the healthcare and financial industry with a sharp focus on security and protecting member data helps provide additional peace of mind regardless of your industry.

Microsoft AX Dynamics

Mobility consultation and implementation services for Microsoft, Salesforce, and other platforms

Business Accelerators

Mobility architecture, workflows, task management, feature assessment, and functional analysis

Business Accelerators

App configuration and custom development using functional platforms like Microsoft PowerApp and Salesforce Lightning or Heroku

Business Accelerators

Ongoing app management and support including performance analysis and reporting

Cloud + Infrastructure Management Solutions


Request a Mobile + Custom Solutions Consultation

Professional Staffing Services

Did you know?

Salesforce helped pioneer the mobility market by releasing its Lightning platform in 2014, allowing developers to make robust apps without coding. KORCOMPTENZ can help achieve your mobility goals.