Posted on April 5, 2018

What you need to know to extend WordPress functionality in 2018

Most modern enterprises require more than a static website. Content management systems have evolved to support more dynamic engagements with visitors, readers, and ultimately customers.

WordPress has been the most popular of content management system in the world since the initial release 14 years ago. To put the platform’s dominance in perspective, WordPress powers over 27% of all internet websites with an average of 24 posts published every second. The platform’s dominance is due in large part to the open source model and an extremely large community of developers.

This incredible community is responsible for creating and supporting tens of thousands of plugins that extend WordPress functionality in all kinds of ways. These plugins give WordPress users the ability to easily add new features from simple image resizing to complex AI powered analytics.

Today, we are going to take a look at the top 5 WordPress plugins that enterprises can watch out for in 2018.


E-commerce is one of the hottest internet business models today. In 2017, nearly 96% of Americans who had an internet connection bought something online. WooCommerce is the easiest way to sell products on your WordPress site. With advanced features such as invoice creation, product catalogue and classifications, categorization and tagging, plus the ability to integrate popular payment options, WooCommerce is an ideal enterprise plugin for 2018.


If you are not a fan of using separate plugins for traffic management, security, automated site content backups, community building and reader engagement, then you should check out Jetpack. It performs these functions single-handedly, and even offers a unified dashboard to consolidate some of the most vital performance indicators of your site. This plugin is also easy to configure and use, allowing almost anyone to take advantage of these powerful features.


One of WordPress’s most popular plugins, Yoast continues to be the choice of website owners who are focussed on search engine optimization. The plugin makes sure you provide information in the right format, such as the optimum length of post titles, and even reminds you to add important content like meta descriptions. Yoast also includes a relatively easy to understand dashboard that integrates into your WordPress admin panel and enables you to make changes in your content for best SEO results before it goes live.

W3 Total Cache

Enterprise websites are frequently content and image intense. Heavy stock images, long scripts and similar content can increase loading times, frustrating your users and reducing your traffic. Website caching is one of the best ways to serve content quickly and effectively. W3 Total cache is our pick for a simple and free plug-in that offers powerful caching features for smoother and faster content rendering in websites powered by WordPress.

Gravity forms

Enterprise websites are often aimed at monetizing content and encouraging users to take action. Forms are essential to fulfilling this mission. The ability to collect data and disperse it to multiple stakeholders in your business such as marketing, sales, business analysis, customer support, etc. is a huge driver of ROI on internet investments. While there are numerous form plugins for WordPress, we picked Gravity Forms because of its large array of customizable forms for various data curation purposes. The plugin also gives you the ability to easily integrate with leading systems like Salesforce, Highrise, etc. This makes it a must have plugin for enterprise websites powered by WordPress in 2018.

Of course, there are thousands of excellent plugins we have not included here. We’ve selected this shortlist because each plugin addresses a vital aspect of internet business in 2018, but there are many, many more that can be deployed for additional needs.

KORCOMPTENZ offers enterprise WordPress development services supported by a thorough plugin review and vetting process to ensure you are deploying the right tool for your business. We even develop custom plugins when nothing else will do. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and WordPress security and performance analysis.

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