Project Description

About The Customer

A leading Bio-technology manufacturing company having manufacturing setup in US and contract manufacturing in different countries with multi location warehouses.

Business Challenges

Currently the customer is using QuickBooks Enterprise for their Finance, Accounting and Operations and they were facing challenges in carrying out master planning for procurement and production and Inventory management. They were managing the inventory with the normal reorder level planning and their complicated subcontract process was done manually since they were not having the options to manage the same with the existing system.

The following were the additional requirements in addition to the above which forced them to look for an alternate ERP application.

Additional Requirements:

Business Challenges for Bio-Technology Manufacturing


Korcomptenz did an initial requirements study and recommended to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central. The Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation covered all the modules like Sales, Production, Procurement, Inventory, Advanced Warehouse Management and Basic CRM.

Dynamics 365 Business Central helped the customer to improvise their processes in many areas in addition to covering the above modules like:

  • Inventory tracking – Lot number wise, Bin wise

  • Expiry date in Purchase Order

  • Financial Dimensions for better visibility and reporting

  • General Ledger Accounts tracking with account numbers

  • Special processes done by subcontractors in bulk volume which was manually tracked were done through Business Central with item tracking features

  • Analytical Reporting

  • Lot Numbers in Production Process

  • Multiple Production BOM, Non Inventory items and options to manage ECM

  • Email Notifications to Vendors

  • User roles and Security based on business needs

Business Central Modules
Dynamics 365 Business Central Info


The customer has now implemented a fully integrated ERP application which provided a solution to their process bottlenecks and provided many additional features which helped them manage their business process without much difficulty.

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