Project Description

About The Client

SCS, our client, provides in-depth inspection and solutions for corrosion in infrastructure worldwide. Using highly specialized testing, SCS thoroughly identify and quantify problems associated with internal deterioration. SCS then provide independent recommendations to cost-effectively extend service lives of structures. SCS also provide high quality research and development services to evaluate new products and advance the basic understanding of corrosion of coated metals, uncoated metals, and alloys in various environments.


SCS had a very ageing IT system that was supported by a single person at the premises. The computers and printers had become outdated. Running Windows XP and Office 2003 they performed extremely slow. In addition to this, they were unable to support the latest versions of their applications. Not completely satisfied with current external support SCS was worried about data integrity. Backups never taken properly. Also the VOIP service was not working properly due to incorrect internal infrastructure, setup The Objectives were to

Upgrade core IT infrastructure

Improve server reliability

Reduce costs


Korcomptenz then upgraded the entire user PCs and Printers in a phased approach to allow minimum down time. The result was a migration to the Windows 7 Platform along with Office 2010. Korcomptenz provides support on the following areas:

  • Operations & Production support

  • Windows administration

  • Database Administration

  • Network administration

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery


  • Process standardization achieved. New Server installed. Reconfigured the share drive.

  • Back up infrastructure and process re-instated

  • Rewiring of Office CAT6 cabling enabled smooth operations of VOIP phones

  • Continuous improvement in Service Measurement Capabilities, including Service Level monitoring, reporting and performance.

  • Rapid deployment of new technologies.

  • Flexibility and scalability of resources.

  • Implement ticketing system and remote access for support tools.

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