Project Description

About our Customer

The customer is non-profit that represents the interests of liberal arts education in the United States. The organization organizes members to align around liberal arts goals and offers scholarships to underserved communities.

Systems + Devices Addressed

Event Hub Systems Devices Addressed

Key Challenges

The organization was using proprietary software to manage events and meetings. The software was organized around in-person events and had little facility to support virtual meetings that have become increasingly popular. In addition, the older software was not fully integrated with their Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE platform.

Korcomptenz’s Solution

Korcomptenz was selected as the partner of choice to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CE Marketing and Event Hub and to integrate the software with Zoom.

We collaborated with the customer to identify an implementation plan to deploy the Marketing and Event Hubs integrated with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Real World Benefits

Event Hub Real World Benefits

Ready for the Future

Korcomptenz’s initial deployment is only phase 1 in the customer’s digital transformation journey. In the future, the organization will be implementing Microsoft’s non-profit accelerator to improve donation and donor management.

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