Project Description

About the Customer

The customer is an over forty year old non-profit human development organization, dedicated to improving lives by advancing integrated and locally driven solutions for human development. Their staff includes experts in health, education, nutrition, environment, economic development, civil society, gender, youth, research, technology, communication, and social marketing. This created a unique mix of capabilities to address the Client’s interrelated development challenges on various projects. They serve more than 60 countries including all US states and territories.

Business Challenges

The company has several internal systems to maintain their Project financial and Procurement operations. A majority of their projects require complex multi-country and multi-currency procurement and payment models, including their authorized vendors, who are also from various countries. They were using different systems based on the country and currency of operations. There were even a few countries where the operations were performed manually. To prepare financial reports for both project completion and quarterly and annual financials, the organization had to perform numerous data segregation and aggregation to align currencies and other multi-country challenges.


The organization required a financial and project management system that can be implemented across multiple countries and for multiple currencies. They also desired a system that would be easy to setup, maintain, and license.

The organization partnered with Korcomptenz to perform a strategic study with various business process stakeholders to understand their current operations in the USA and other countries around the world. This process included detailed interview sessions, questionnaires, and other initiatives lead by Korcomptenz’s strategy and technology teams.

The overall goal was to address and consolidate relevant information about their current processes and future needs:

Best practices and regulations that need to be followed in the non-profit sector

The current data in these systems that has been integrated for financial reporting

The process followed for currency conversion and other multi-country processes and concerns

Study and analyse current AS-IS process

The identify gaps in the current processes and systems

The software systems to support financials,project, and vendor management that were currently being used


After conducting a detailed study, Korcomptenz strategic and technical teams have submitted both consolidated process documents and recommendations regarding the leading financial systems in the market. The recommendation addressed various systems including the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite, Business Central and Enterprise Editions. A detailed comparative analysis report was prepared with the following matrix:


This report helped the company’s management team finalize on their next-generation financial, vendor, and project management software. In addition to ensuring an optimal fit for the organization’s process and reporting needs, Korcomptenz helped identify a solution that can:

Be used for a long time (at least for next 10 years)

Reduce total cost of ownership

Provide easy and cost-effective user licensing

Provide multi-country and multi-currency capabilities

If you’re taking a close look at your aging enterprise (Financial/Manufacturing/Retail) software and are considering possible upgrades and alternatives, please contact Korcomptenz. Our strategic and technical teams have a combined 120 years of experience understanding your needs, and developing solutions that transform your current AS-IS business process into best-in-class. Our team can propose future and fool-proof software applications that fit your organizational requirements ar your budget

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