Project Description

About The Company

Our customer is a leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, foams, and insulation membranes for North American customers.


  • No online ordering functionality resulting in decreased sales and increased costs to process orders from new and existing customers
  • eCommerce portal fully integrated with Dynamics AX data including products, orders, and customers

  • Migrate and rename 92,935 product images and associated metadata from one application to another as part of a large platform implementation
Key Systems
  • Enterprise resource planning solution and system of record for all customers, orders and product
  • Front-facing website and eCommerce solution consumes AX data and allows users to place orders


A bi-directional Middleware Layer delegates data between AX and eCommerce portal

Bi-directional Middleware Layer
  • Customer facing ordering portal integrated with middleware layer for AX data
  • New application manages and delegates bi-directional integration with AX
  • Existing application
  • WordPress and WooCommerce front-end enable complete control over the design and user experience across login, dashboard, and ordering process
  • Train a custom bot to perform the task of downloading from one system, renaming, adding metadata, and uploading to another


The task of migrating and renaming the product images was completed in 7 days including 5 days of analysis and training the bot and 2 days of execution, compared to a manual estimate of 70 days

Integrated Data Streams

Data is synchronized for products and inventory, orders, and customers between the front-facing website and the ERP including the additional information like tier discount and group pricing.

Integrated Data Streams

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