Project Description

About the Client

A global leader in the fishing industry, this company which has its presence in the USA for more than 30 years, produces, supplies, and commercializes premier quality Yellowfin and Bluefin tuna. Based in Miami-Florida, they supply the highest grade of fish daily to their customers all throughout North America.

Business Challenges

Our client is in a business where the standard business processes are not followed due to the nature of the product they sell and the way it is handled by their clients. The grading and pricing or change of price based on quality of the product is done after the delivery and return of the product.

Korcomptenz customized the business process that happens after delivery of the product to the end customers like grading of the product, price changes based on the product grading, product returns because of quality or required grade, credit memo for the price changes, Sales order cancelations partly or fully based on the returns. These processes are valid if it happens within 24 hours of the delivery. It is a fully automated process that leads to various financial posting adjustments happening automatically in the system.

Sample Claims Process:

Claims Process


A customized process which takes care of the following:

  • Initiate the claim with reference to the Sales Order and the relevant invoices. The claim can be made with changes to the price, with either full or partial return of materials.

  • Track this claim or returns process with an automatic number sequence for better tracking and auditing.
  • Once the process of claim or return is updated in the system, it is taken through a Workflow process to get the approval of the authorized executives to authorize the price changes or claims / returns etc.
  • The entire backend update of the financial transactions is done automatically without any manual interventions.


The Client is very happy with the automated and closely integrated process of product return and claim process of their end clients with all the required tracking and inventory update etc. within the Dynamics 365 Business Central application. This also helps the customer to build better customer relationships with their end clients since all these processes are done accurately and in a timely manner.

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