Project Description

About our Customer

The customer is a large construction supplies manufacturer and distributor in Canada and the United States. The organization manufactures a wide range of adhesives and other binding agents to support large and small construction projects.

Systems + Devices Addressed

Key Challenges

The company had been relying on sales representatives to accept orders from customers and prospects. All orders had to be entered manually in Microsoft Dynamics AX, requiring staff members to gather customer needs and enter the information.

Korcomptenz’s Solution

Korcomptenz was selected as the partner of choice to deploy a secure, B2B eCommerce Portal to solve the above challenges and provide a positive user experience.

We collaborated with the customer to identify their short- and long-term needs for the new eCommerce Portal. This included an analysis of their current processes, customer base, and related information.

Real World Benefits

IncreasedEfficiencyCustomers can placeorders and view statusdirectly through theportal withoutrelying onstaff membersLessMaintenanceCustomers no longerrequire salesrepresentives orcustomer servicefor commonsupport tasksIntegratedSolutionOrder, inventory, product,and customer data flowseamlessly betweensystems, making it easyto manage andreduce errors