Posted on February 7, 2018

A positive customer experience is only a few steps away

A positive customer experience – particularly one that turns a casual customer into a brand advocate – is at the core of today’s successful business. Marketing Automation tools are designed to help create these brand advocates by nurturing customers and prompting them to return to your brand time and again to experience that “we care about you” feeling.

While there is no shortage of marketing automation platforms available, Kentico 11 — the recent release of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant ranked CMS — is rapidly evolving into a leader in the space. Kentico provides many ways to nurture customers, including offering them a discount when they buy from you a second time; telling them about an upcoming webinar related to a product they bought from you previously; or simply sending them an email to say, “Happy Birthday”.

The redesigned Marketing Automation app in Kentico 11 makes it easier to create these campaigns with five marketing automation workflows that can improve your customer’s post-purchase experience. A recent article on offers the following insights.

First, you can ask your customer to review their product or experience, using Kentico 11 “Wait” and then “Send” marketing email steps. It’s important to allow them enough time to receive and experience the product (or service) before asking them if anything can be improved or whether they’d buy the product again – teasing them with a discount coupon on their next purchase.

Second, you can engage customers by providing useful tips, hints, and guidelines to get the most out of their last purchase and enhance their overall experience. To do this, the marketing automation process (workflow) could be set up to be triggered only if the specific product is bought.

Third, you can impress your customers by reminding them to buy another product at the right time. For example, if they bought a product from you that will be needed again at regular intervals – like a printer cartridge or paper – you can remind them at an appropriate time to re-purchase the item, and tease with a discount as well.

Fourth, all companies want loyal customers who spend their money regularly and speak well of the brand. Why not send a thank you email with a discount coupon to everyone who bought a certain number of products from you in a specified period of time – say, at least four products from your e-store in a six-month period. Whatever parameters you choose, the important thing is to set the correct trigger for the marketing automation process.

Finally, while automatic emails are great for improving the customer experience, nothing beats real human interaction. Kentico 11 can be set to send notifications right after the purchase, but maybe you would like to wait some time before that notification is sent to your sales department.

There are many ways to utilize marketing automation, and each company needs to consider what’s suitable for their unique needs. Korcomptenz can help you come up with creative ways to turn shoppers into regular customers, and regular customers into brand advocates. The more you surprise customers and show that you care, the more they will want to return and spend their money with you.

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