Posted on February 5, 2019

Korcomptenz Launches CXKOR’19

The Southern Crown Hall at GRT ,Chennai India was bustling with action, gusto, and momentum as Korcomptenz launched CXKOR’19 as the organization’s key theme for 2019 during its Annual Star Awards Get-Together. One of the key goals around “CXKOR’ 2019” is to emphasize the necessity of adding continual value to customers and to consider how best to surprise and delight them. Every employee at KOR chanted the mantra of how they can make a difference at every stage of the customer’s journey at Korcomptenz.

The event also marked a reunion between the KOR team and their families, and featured a number of important highlights. There was our esteemed chief guest, Dr. Santhosh Babu, IAS, Secretary to the Government, IT Department, Government of TN, who inspired us with his thought provoking speech and insights.

Another important guest speaker was G Annadurai aka Auto Annadurai, a high school drop out, who has stunned Chennai with his amazing auto (Auto-rickshaw is the most convenient mode of transport in cities and towns of India ) service. He has a following of 10,000+ on Facebook and has delivered more than 50 speeches at Microsoft, Vodafone, Hyundai, Royal Enfield, Infosys, etc. In addition, he has given two TEDx Talks.

Annual Star Awards Get-Together 2019

Here are some highlights

  • Know who your customers are ? Define and map your customers (Both internal and external.) Understand your consumer behaviour, to plan your strategy for customer delight.

  • Taking feedback is the first step to understand how to map your customer servicing towards good to great.Take a report on what scale are you at ? Are your interactions satisfying ( hopefully not average), delighting or surprising your customer ?

  • Having an understanding of who you service and what is the current service rating finally boils down You and how you service.

Speaker was Annadurai Auto 2019It’s not important WHAT JOB YOU DO, what matters most is HOW YOU DO YOUR JOB. This was best explained by citations from Amazing Annadurai’s accomplishments. Customer delight is the buzzword happening around us, be it in office, groceries store, restaurants etc. The expectations of new age customer is very different today than what it was 10 years ago. Customers just do not want product or service delivery but are constantly looking for value-addon and personal engagement we have with them.

Annadurai is an auto driver who has taken the Chennai roads by storm and an exemplary example of how to satisfy your customers.

Speaker was Annadurai Auto 2019Auto Annadurai keeps his customers, the passengers, happy while taking short rides. He is the Founder of Amazing Auto. He drives his technically equipped auto with Wi-Fi, Laptop, Tablet, iPad, Google Home, Alexa, and the latest issues of not less than 35 magazines for his customer’s entertainment. He is talking about using AI and having a robot built to welcome customers. He is the first person in India to provide a swiping system on a public transport, and here are some of his other fascinating ideas:

  • Free rides to teachers on Teacher’s Day. Free ride and chocolate for employees on a particular day when their CEO’s celebrate their birthday, offers on Children’s Day, and Dr. Abdul Kalam’s Birthday.

  • Free breakfast for all busy people (typically folks from IT campuses that are away from home) travelling in his auto.

  • He has fun games in his auto like Temple run,Subway surf etc where customers can play and win coins which will be adjusted against the standard fare charged for the ride.

  • He is working on an arrangement that every auto driver in city contributes Indian Rupee 1 (equal to 1 penny) from every ride they have and the proceeds of the same will be handed over to the farmers as part of a CSR campaign.

  • Referral process and loyalty program for passengers.

  • Greeting in different languages and other personalized services while you ride in his auto.

Annandurai is a shining example of customer delight. Let’s jointly strive to discover more Annadurai’s in each of us while we strive to give our 100% on how we do our WORK no whatever what our role and capacity for delivering a wonderful customer experience.


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