Posted on January 3, 2018

Are you ready for the new General Data Protection Regulations?

KORCOMPTENZ + Kentico 11 are and we can help you maintain compliance

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are already in effect in Europe and soon to be adopted worldwide. It’s important to prepare your business for this higher standard of online security. While there are several areas of compliance, online marketers will be pleased to know the technology is rapidly evolving with the needs.

For example, Kentico 11 includes a new module that supports GDPR and improves security, including the customer’s “right to be forgotten” if they ask you to delete their personal data. This seems straightforward, but a company may run into a situation where some data needs to be kept for legal reasons. Or the user might ask a company to delete some data, such as website activity or submitted forms, but not everything.

Kentico 11’s Data Protection application, while not bulletproof, goes a long way toward streamlining the GDPR process. This includes the ability to use an email address to search for all the known data on that person, while giving you the flexibility to decide what should stay in the system and what should be deleted.

For example, it’s possible to delete only the newsletter subscription related data of the contact, or only the customer related data – and keep the rest. In addition, Kentico 11 uses a standardized approach that allows a contact’s personal data to be transferred from the Kentico system to another one without losing anything.

While companies must define and follow their own GDPR guidelines, Kentico 11’s new module supports the standard, improves security, and provides the right tools to streamline those processes and save time whenever and wherever possible.

KORCOMPTENZ understands the need for security and how to apply best practices to your organization’s unique situation including deploying Kentico 11 for your Content Management System needs. We can also help ensure you are complying with GDPR, and provide comprehensive cybersecurity services to help protect your valuable data.

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