Posted on July 2, 2018

Kentico 12 uses MVC as its primary development model and expands modules in latest version

Kentico, one of the industry’s leading software companies with 1,000 partners in more than 80 countries, is set to launch the latest version of its Gartner® Rated Content Management System – Kenitco 12. This new platform promises to continue delivering the company’s rich selection of out-of-the-box web parts, easy customizations, and open API in an updated fashion that keep Kentico at the forefront of technology.

One of the ways Kentico is advancing their offering is by evolving their primary development model. Taking aim squarely at Sitecore and other enterprise CMS providers,Kentico 12 will use MVC (Model-View-Controller) instead of Portal Engine as its primary development model. Model–view–controller is a high performance, highly scalable model that divides an application into three interconnected parts. This separates the internal representations of the data from how it is presented to and accepted from the user. By decoupling these major components, MVC offers efficient code reuse and parallel development, two items demanded by large enterprises with high performance websites.

For developers, this means it’s going to be important to consider how a feature will work in the MVC. In order to help in this regard, the quick installation now guides the user through MVC-based websites, as do the trials, training, and documentation.

MVC Application Info

While Portal Engine stays in Kentico 12, it becomes an alternative that may be a better fit for certain projects, including those that require using web forms and developing websites based on web parts.

To support the new development model, Kentico continues to expand the range of modules available in MVC. The main focus for MVC is the Page Builder, which is the top requirement from those using this software architecture. The idea is to make adjusting parts of a website, updating a presentation, or putting together a landing page easier and without the need to consult a developer.

This means that you use Kentico to store data and manage content (mostly via pages), and generate the entire design of the site using your own MVC controllers and views.

After the page builder, Kentico has developed a criteria for selecting MVC-first features. While features that rely on web forms – including Friends, Forums, or Chat modules are given much lower priority – Kentico’s core modules, such as Pages and Attachments, will all be available. Kentico is also ensuring that their fully-functional API is available in MVC.

At korcomptenz, we can help you understand the features and advantages of Kentico 12 and how it might enhance your company’s web presence. Each new version of Kentico brings advances in speed and other technologies, and as a Kentico Gold Partner, Korcomptenz is here to help you understand the importance of these new features and updates.

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