Posted on February 11, 2019

The new version features MVC technology to take on Sitecore

Kentico for MVC technologyKentico 12 was officially launched in 2018, and after a full year of learning what the software manufacturer had in store, it was worth the wait. The newest version of the perennial, industry leading CMS, Kentico 12, is now powered by MVC (Module, View, Controller for the tech savvy, learn more here), a best-in-class solution solution that appeals to the diverse needs of both marketers and developers. Without diving into the underlying software details, just know that this innovative development approach gives both sides the creative freedom, effectiveness, and focus to bring together successful projects that will remain relevant in the changing marketplace. MVC also improves performance, agility, security, and reusability.

MVC also improves performance, agility, security, and reusability.In terms of creative freedom, Kentico 12 allows the developer to control the front end and experiment with the latest trends, while those responsible for campaigns and content can use the new MVC Page Builder and its drag-and-drop widgets to experiment with the substance, style and feel of the pages. This “separation of concerns” approach allows both sides to focus on what they do best, and enables more flexibility, rapid development, and experimentation than ever before.

Effectiveness is also key to the success of Kentico 12, as MVC Page Builder gives marketers the tools they need to create and quickly adjust various types of content, including placing an online form, testimonial, banner, or any other content on the page. Marketers and developers can work together to discuss what widgets, limitations, and types of sections the developers need to create and be effective.

Kentico for form componentsThis combination of creative freedom and effectiveness allows all members of the team to focus without so many distractions. Marketers can adjust website content on their own without taking the time to go to the developer, allowing the developer to focus on implementation and deliver solutions more rapidly.Kentico 12 also gives marketers the data they need to better understand visitors and turn leads into customers. The program departs from the classic way of data collecting (placing an online form on the website), which is often ignored by the visitor. Instead, it

introduces Smart Forms in the MVC Form Builder, allowing marketers to create online forms and mark the fields that should be considered “smart”. Visitors only see these fields if they filled out the preceding ones, which drastically reduces the length of online forms while increasing their submission rate.

The inclusion of MVC technology in Kentico 12 is a major step forward that helps position Kentico as a market leader for enterprise sites. Competing systems like Sitecore have already included the technology, albeit at a much higher price point. Midsize organizations can now benefit from the same effectiveness, speed, and scale, at a fraction of the cost.

Kentico for designs and functionalityAt Korcomptenz, we will help your company use Kentico 12 effectively, creating personalized content that allows you to present to the right audience and lead that audience to the right conversion forms. We can help make your website and user flow as intuitive as possible, freeing developers to create perfectly tailored designs and functionality that suit a marketer’s needs and facilitating easy management of content personalization with just a few clicks.Kentico 12 will give your team peace of mind, as developers know content editors and marketers can freely adjust the website’s content, and marketers can relax knowing they can play with the content without bothering developers as the team future-proofs its digital projects.

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