Posted on January 9, 2018

The trends you need to know to maximize web conversions and return on investment

It’s that time of the year when pundits across the technology sector try to get a glimpse of what’s in store for 2018. Enterprises also need to be aware of what’s going to click with their customers in the coming year. Now more than ever, most prospects and customers are going to reach out to you via the internet. With that in mind, here are our top picks for web and user experience design trends in 2018.


Social media has propelled micro-interactions into popular awareness, and businesses can capitalize on the trend to create richer end user experiences on their websites. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it’s the ability to interact with web posts and messages with animated expressions like the burst of hearts when you share a message on Facebook. Traditional web pages require a reload when a user interacts with interface elements, resulting in potential speed issues that could lead to higher bounce rate. Micro-interactions are all on the same page resulting in a smoother, richer experience.

Analytics-Driven Content Recommendations

Personalization should be critical to your website initiatives, but you need a robust analytics engine behind the scenes to make this happen. Organization’s should emphasize the need to track user journeys, navigation patterns, average spend times and much more. The design should accommodate feedback elements that collect as much user data as possible for cleaner analytic reports. These reports would then power personalization engines that drive specific content to users based on their preferences.

Mobile Accessibility

This has been a perennial trend for almost 3 years in a row, but it has only become more important over time. In 2014, a study pointed out that more than 50% of folks who own a smartphone grab it right after they wake up in the morning to access the internet. If you don’t provide a great mobile user experience, 57% of your visitors will not recommend your business according to other studies. On a similar note, it’s also imperative to invest in mobile search friendliness with technologies like AMP. The conversion rates for mobile sites are up by over 64% when compared to traditional desktop conversion rates.

Bottoms-Up Sticky Elements

Today’s mobile-savvy internet users are used to scrolling pages from top to bottom or bottom to top to navigate their desired content. This has made it important to incorporate sticky elements like menus that are attached to the bottom of the website for users to see them wherever they are on the page.

Video Centric Design

By 2021 nearly 82% of all IP traffic will be videos which includes both consumer as well as enterprise level usage. In 2018, video content is more important than ever, and your website needs to include the design elements and the back end flexibility to support streaming content for both high and low bandwidth users.

In addition to trends identified here, it is important for enterprises to understand the need for agility and scalability within their systems, particularly their Content Management System. It is imperative to invest in a powerful CMS that enables flexible customization while at the same time accommodates changes in end user behavior in dynamic market conditions.

Contact KORCOMPTENZ today learn how your user experience can be transformed with a highly integrated and holistic Content Management System implementation or to unlock more value in your existing system.

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