Posted on November 21, 2018

KORCOMPTENZ presents the Agile Approach to Patient Journeys with UC Health and Wainscot Health

The rapidly evolving healthcare digital space was the focus of Greystone.Net’s 22nd annual Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) in Scottsdale, Arizona, where leaders in healthcare marketing, IT, public relations and communication gathered to learn more about staying ahead of the curve on strategy, web development and digital marketing.

Healthcare Internet Conference

KORCOMPTENZ was honored to be one of the distinguished speakers presenting the latest trends and best practices to other healthcare leaders. Speakers Christian Twiste, Chief Operating Officer at Korcomptenz, Sydney Hudson, Digital Experience Manager at UC Health in Cincinnati, and Maria Regan Director, Content Strategy at Wainscot Health in Montvale, New Jersey presented “The Agile Approach to Patient Journey Marketing: How UC Health leveraged agile technology and marketing principles to support Patient Journey Marketing.”

The presentation gave attendees a behind-the-scenes look at a program for the UC Health Weight Loss Center that used the proprietary agile approach to patient journey marketing, providing useful ideas on how to ramp up patient journeys by engaging customers with targeted, relevant content throughout their decision-making cycle.

Located at UC Health’s West Chester Hospital campus in West Chester Township, Ohio, the UC Health Weight Loss Center empowers patients to reach and maintain a healthy weight, providing customized, holistic plans for achieving weight loss. The presentation features results from a pilot program, which included alternative pathways to medically assisted weight loss, personalized, consistent digital engagement with consumers, content strategies designed to build trust, and marketing automation for content delivery.

KORCOMPTENZ deployed the pilot program using a unique solution architecture that leveraged cloud-based services from providers like Acquia and Mautic. This enabled UC Health capture a wider range of user data with an interactive quiz that segments respondents into tracks and increased the conversion rate to 25.1%. The Mautic Open Marketing Cloud also delivered email campaigns, tracks activities, and provided reporting.

Healthcare Internet Conference

Nothing speaks louder than positive results. Sydney Hudson informed attendees about the Patient Journey Uplift Effect. In addition to the 25.1% conversion rate, all users provided valuable information that can be used to retarget and educate. The end result was a 4% increase in seminar registrations with only an incremental increase in overall traffic and an amazing 145% increase in the conversion rate.

Korcomptenz can help customers who lack an innovative (digital) patient or customer growth strategy, or who simply need to reimagine their patient or customer acquisition approach. We can develop a customer journey marketing strategy that strives to capture customers at the very start of their research, building trust as they move forward with their decision making for best results.

We are digital transformation and customer experience specialists that help generate marketing uplift in the real world. We also help overcome challenges by using an agile approach and cloud technologies, attaining constantly improving results for organizations that experiment and iterate based on their success.

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