Posted on May 22, 2018

KORCOMPTENZ was proud to be a Gold Sponsor of DigiMarCon, the world’s largest digital marketing conference

Hundreds of marketing professionals and business executives gathered to learn about the latest techniques in lead nurturing, brand amplification and digital content at DigiMarCon East 2018, a digital marketing conference held May 10 and 11 at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, New York City.

DigiMarCon East attendees had the chance to network, exchange ideas, and discuss best practices with fellow professionals, while also enjoying a number of breakout sessions and presentations on everything from tracking your digital marketing plan with an agile approach, to leveraging next-generation machine learning and artificial intelligence to examine consumer behavior.

Korcomptenz was a Gold Sponsor of the event, participating in both a speaker session and as an exhibitor in the TECHSPO Exhibit Hall. Other sponsors were Search Experiences, WordSteam, and Ruckus. All told, the event included 13 exhibitors and 32 media partners.

Keynote speakers included Arvell Craig, CEO of Chatbot Funnels, who spoke about nurturing leads through the sale process. Sabrina George, VP of Marketing for Onstream Media, spoke about the efficacy of webinars, while Joe Sanchis, CEO of Queue Technologies shared his thoughts on using strategies like ICOs and crowdfunding to build your business.

Korcomptenz COO Christian Twiste focused on how Business Intelligence and Marketing Automation drive and improve the customer experience, pointing out that the better the experience, the more consumers are willing to spend – up to 2.4 times as much. “Together, they empower marketers to enhance every interaction with the customer, creating a virtuous feedback loop where data output from BI is used as input for the customer journey,” he said, further pointing out that almost 90% of users say BI helped them make better business decisions, 70% cited an improvement in customer satisfaction, and well over half claimed it reduced costs and increased revenue.

“We want to narrow the focus to what BI can tell us about our customers, what their worth, how they find us, who to target, what to spend, where to improve our marketing,” Twiste said, giving insight into how to choose the right BI system and implement it for best results.

Korcomptenz is dedicated to helping your business find the right BI and marketing automation platforms for your unique needs. We will identify a solution that helps ensure your business is healthy, and allows you to create meaningful reports and visualizations. Plus, we’ll show you how to deploy your analytics options faster and streamline IT costs. As BI platforms evolve, we’ll be right there to keep you informed and give you the tools to move your business forward in the rapidly changing world of technology.

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