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Back Up + Disaster Recovery

Back Up + Disaster Recovery

Korcomptenz - Cloud + Infrastructure Management - Back Up + Disaster Recovery

Accelerate Your Business Continuity with Safe, Secure + Reliable Back Up + Disaster Recovery Services

Unless you specialize in the topic or have the letters CISO in our title, business continuity is a topic most professionals probably prefer not to think about. We’d liked to believe that either disaster won’t strike or our data is safely backed up—until our computer crashes or a severe weather incident wipes out a data center.  Then, your customers start calling, and your business is at risk unless you can respond with confidence.

KORCOMPTENZ services allow you to focus on running and growing your business while we make sure your data is always available, on the cloud or a private server depending on your unique needs. In addition to protecting your data, we can provide technical assistance, trouble shooting, change management, and regular reporting services.  We also recommend the latest cloud software including Microsoft OneDrive to reduce your reliance on local storage and improve your productivity by seamlessly sharing files across users and devices.

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The average data incident can cost a company $2,900 in recovery fees, lost time, and lost business. KORCOMPTENZ can help protect your valuable data today.