Leverage a unified analytics experience with Azure Synapse Analytics

In today’s competitive market companies are struggling to find an advantage that sets them apart from the competition. With ever-changing customer expectations, the need to harness data has never been more important. But just collecting data is not enough, the collected data needs to be processed and turned into actionable insights to generate business value. This is where Azure Synapse Analytics, the data warehouse solution from Microsoft comes in.

Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, Azure Synapse Analytics is more than just a hub for gathering data—it is a powerful analytics service that incorporates Power BI, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to surface insights that help you better understand both your business and your customers. With the right analytics solution, you can respond quickly to fluctuating industry demands, engage customers more effectively, and make data-driven decisions for a better future. As Microsoft partners, Korcomptenz can help leverage the features of the Azure Synapse Data Warehouse. We also offer analytics consultation, integration, and security services.

Gain Maximum impact with minimum investment.

Azure Synapse and Power BI uniquely bring the capabilities of data unification and limitless analytics together, enriched with the power of AI and ML, all in a single management workspace with common security and governance. Watch our webinar to learn more!

What is the Azure Synapse Advantage?

Benefits of Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Maximum Impact, less investment
    Gain access to AI, Machine Learning, and real-time insights, with 14x faster insights at 94% less cost than other cloud providers

  • Generate more value from your data
    Azure Synapse is deeply integrated with Microsoft Power BI and Azure Machine Learning to help take your analytics to the next level.

  • Unified Experience
    Maximize the impact of your existing data science, data warehouse and business intelligence tools and reduce development time with a unified workspace for end-to-end analytics solutions.
  • Amplify your analytics without sacrificing security
    Keep your data protected with industry-leading, multi-layer security and privacy features like automated threat detection and always-on encryption.

  • Limitless Scale
    Seamlessly unify your data across sources and systems to maximize accessibility while optimizing the performance of queries with intelligent workload management and limitless concurrency.

How can Korcomptenz help?

Analytics Consultation
Advanced Analytics Implementation
Data Migration
Data Analysis
Data Warehousing Integration
Forecasting and Business Intelligence

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